Faith United Methodist Church serves the community by providing a place to worship or to hold meetings for a number of congregations and organizations. They include:

Centro Cristiano Nueva Esperanza (New Hope Christian Center)

Centro Cristiano Nueva Esperanza is a Spanish-language Assemblies of God Church dedicated to reaching out to Spanish speakers in the Twin Cities metro area. Services, entirely in Spanish, are Sunday mornings at 11:30 a.m.

Restoration Hope Church

We are growing followers of Jesus who make more growing followers of Jesus. We exist to enjoy Jesus, reach the unreached of West St. Paul and the surrounding communities, and grow together through the gospel word, in gospel community on gospel mission.



Mizpah River Ministries

Mizpah River Ministries is a non-denominational ministry built on the foundation of preaching, teaching and training of God’s people. Through our food distribution ministry, we are able to reach out to the community to help meet the physical needs of the people as well as pray for their spiritual needs.

Our mission is to equip and disciple God’s people into their destiny and purpose through worship, prayer and serving others – for the building and advancement of the Kingdom of God.

It is our mission to lead believers into the path of righteousness and preach the foundational truths of the Bible through the love of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Rita Williams

Mobile Meals

Faith Church has been part of the Mobile Meals program since in began in 1973. Mobile Meals delivers hot noon meals to elderly and disabled persons Mondays through Fridays. The cost per meal is $6.75.  Food is prepared at The Kitchen of Opportunity in Minneapolis. The food is delivered to us cooked – we heat it up before the meals are delivered.

We are so thankful for Faith Church giving us office space and letting us use the ovens to reheat the food. What a blessing to have such wonderful support. If it weren’t for our church and volunteers, we wouldn’t have a program.

We are always looking for more volunteer drivers. Most volunteers drive one day per month; drivers provide their own cars and gas. It takes one to one-and-a-half hours to deliver one route. We have five routes.

We offer a sincere thank-you to each person who at one time or another has helpped in the delivery of meals.

For more information or to volunteer, call 651-457-5686.

Ostomy Support Group